Heavy Utility Helicopter

Повышенная грузоподъемность

Большая пассажировместимость


5000 kg / 30 pax

Flight range

880 km

Cruise speed

250 km/h


The multirole Mi-38 can carry cargo and passengers, including VIPs, and can also be used as a search-and-rescue helicopter and flying hospital, as well as for offshore missions.

The Mi-38 can operate in a wide range of climates, including maritime, tropical and cold environments.

The technical solutions deployed in the Mi-38 give the helicopter superior maximum payload, passenger capacity and key performance indicators to other helicopters in its class.

The Mi-38 is fitted with a power plant with twin TV7-117V engines manufactured by Klimov JSC



Max. speed

300 km/h

Cruising speed

250 km/h

Max. range with main fuel tanks

880 km

Max. flight range with additional fuel tanks and 2,700 kg cargo

1200 km

Range with 5,000 kg cargo

420 km

Operational ceiling

6 300 m

Hover ceiling (OGE)

3 750 m

Weight parameters

Max. take-off weight

15 600 kg

Max. take-off weight with cargo on external sling

15 600 kg

Max. payload in cabin

5000 kg

Max. payload on external sling

5000 kg


Turboshaft engines

2хTV7-117V (JSC 'Klimov')

Take-off power

2 800 h.p.

Contingency power

3 850 h.p.

Cabin dimensions


7000 mm


2 360 mm


1 840 mm


29,5 m3


Air crew

2 pax


up to 30 pax

VIP cabin

up to 12 pax
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