Light Twin Helicopter

The largest cabin in its class

Easy loading


1166 kg / 7 pax

Flight range

505 km

Cruise speed

220 km/h


The multi-purpose light helicopter Ansat is built to a classic single-rotor design with a four blade main rotor and a two-blade tail rotor. The Ansat was developed in line with the latest AP-29 (FAR-29) Category A regulations, and meets high safety standards. The Ansat comes in different models, one with the latest fly-by-wire flight control system and the other with the traditional hydro mechanical control system, with the latter certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee’s Aviation Register (AR, IAC).

  • The Ansat is powered by PW 207K Pratt & Whitney Canada 630 h.p. engines and FADEC system that ensures the helicopter can continue to fly if one engine fails.
  • The Ansat’s avionics, piloting and navigation systems include an on-board information system, multi-functional indicators and a failure warning system.
  • The Ansat has a metal fuselage, composite non load-bearing parts, and layered fibreglass blades. The hinge-less main rotor makes it easier to handle and significantly reduces its operating costs.
  • The training model uses a KSU-A fly-by-wire flight control system and has a four-channel digital integrated control system.

Thanks to easily-removable equipment the multirole Ansat helicopter can be re-equipped for a wide range of missions in a timely fashion.

  • The Ansat can be used to transport cargo and passengers, for surveillance, in search and rescue operations, fire-fighting, and for medevac missions.
  • The Ansat boasts the largest cabin in its class and it can be rapidly re-configured. The wide sliding door and large cabin volume allow the comfortable transportation of up to 8 passengers and makes it possible to allocate a maximum amount of equipment in special design versions;
  • The Ansat has manual and automatic piloting modes, and can be used in regular or adverse weather conditions;
  • The Ansat can be prepared for flight and maintained independently of any stands. 



Max. speed

275 km/h

Cruise speed

220 km/h

Max. flight range with main fuel tanks

505 km

Operational ceiling

5500 m

Hover ceiling (OGE)

2900 m

Max. take-off weight

3600 kg

Max. payload in transport cabin

1166 kg

Turboshaft engines (2хPW207K, Pratt & Whitney)

Take-off power

2х 630 h.p.

Contingency power

2х 710 h.p.
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