National Helicopter Center Mil&Kamov

The National helicopter center Мil&Kamov weaves together the best design and engineering capacities of Russian Helicopters holding company. The enterprise mainly focuses on research and development activities, as well as on engineering, construction and testing of helicopter prototypes. For these purposes, Helicopters Mil&Kamov site operates the following facilities: a trial production facility, an advanced research and development complex, an engineering and innovation center, and an unparalleled test flight base.

In April 2020, the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosaviatsia) issued to Helicopters Mil&Kamov a Certificate of an Aircraft Developer to attest that the aircraft development processes put in place by the enterprise are in compliance with the requirements of the federal aviation regulations FAP-21. That makes NHC an official developer and certificate holder of “Mi” and “Ka” brand helicopters.

Helicopters Mil&Kamov incorporates the activity of two design bureaus, which carry on the traditions laid down by prominent Russian engineers Milkhail Mil and Nikolay Kamov.

The Experimental Design Bureau headed by Mikhail Mil, the iconic Soviet rotorcraft engineer, was launched in 1947. Under his leadership, the bureau has developed the best-known Mi brand helicopters, including Mi-8, the most popular helicopter in the world's history. Mil Design Bureau has engineered 13 basic helicopter models of light to ultra-heavy class. Today, helicopters developed by the Design Bureau are operated in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The history of Kamov Experimental Design Bureau focused on developing coaxial design helicopters starts from its founding in 1948. The bureau was headed by Nikolay Kamov, a talented designed and engineer, one of the founders of the Russian helicopter design school. The distinctive feature of helicopters developed by Kamov Design Bureau is the coaxial placement of main rotors, which provides high maneuverability and good manageability, along with small dimensions of the rotorcraft. Throughout its history, Kamov Design Bureau has created an unparalleled research school and accumulated scientific and technical potential for designing helicopters of various aerodynamic designs.


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